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  • Logo National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE)

    National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE)

    "The deployability of the Pass workers who joined us surpassed our initial expectations and is often on a broader level than we had expected." Patrick Vanderbauwede, IT manager

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    "The people working with us are extremely competent to perform their test activities. Their eye for detail is really phenomenal." Katia Battheu, Proximus, Director of Enterprise Operations

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    FPS Finances

    “Where other people would be driven to “distraction”, they keep going. What the Passwerk employees do is incredible. They very much have the perfect profile to perform tests.” Hans D'Hondt, President

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    "We can rest safe in the knowledge that the Passwerk employee is capable, because he or she made it through Passwerk’s rigorous selection process. What’s more, the Passwerk employees are given appropriate training so they can be put to work right away." Marc Debois, VP IT

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    "This very positive experience means that we plan to use the services provided by Passwerk for more major web development projects. They have convinced us that they can provide excellent quality, expertise and added value for our project team.” Pieter Moons, Digital Manager

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    "Passwerk employees have a huge stamina. They have a great eye for detail and can perform repetitive tasks for a very long time." Gert Vanhaecht, Belfius, CIO Belfius Insurance & Head of IT Digital

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Welcome to Passwerk

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Passwerk can perform for you software testing and other quality assurance assignments (e.g. data cleansing, data and text migration, data verification, data entry, interactive scanning, preparation of a user manual, etc.)

Passwerk is a unique concept, a unique company with unique people. Passwerk combines its business with a social dimension and offers this as an added value to its customers. Passwerk is in the “convergence market”. The Passwerk organisation adapts to the profile of its employees and not the other way round. The employees, the results and the development of its employees are at the heart of Passwerk.

Passwerk employs the qualities of people with autism spectrum profile (ASP), with normal ability, in software testing activities. Through the professional management, by means of job coaching, the restrictions of employees with ASP are overcome.

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Because of their autism spectrum profile, Passworkers have special qualities. The combination of their innate natural talents with professional training and coaching sees Passworkers excel at software testing  (system tests, user acceptance tests and regression tests) and quality assurance assignments (for instance drawing up user instruction manuals, data cleansing, data and text migration, data checks, data entry, interactive scanning, etc.), amongst other duties.

Examples of quality assurance assignments Examples of functional test assignments



Movie of Passwerk

jobcoach and test engineer shake hands in front of a meeting box

This movie gives you an impression of what Passwerk stands for.




If you would like to call on our services or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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