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    "The Passwerk workers turned out to be wizards in drawing up test scenarios. They made test scenarios of complex business processes for automatic file handling." Marleen Deputter, Head of the department Scholarships More 

  • Logo Province of Antwerp

    Province of Antwerp

    "Two other things that are distinctive in the way Stijn works are his punctiliousness and accuracy" Ingrid Croket, Sindala project manager More 

  • Logo The Ideal Home

    The Ideal Home

    "You will not be surprised to learn that the Pass workers’ level of productivity was nearly double that of the students! They went about their duties with absolute precision and consistency." Geert Van Winkel, IT manager More 

  • Logo Belfius


    "Our collaboration with Passwerk looked like a success right from the start. We got the expertise we were looking for. In addition, Belfius also sees this as one of the initiatives to give substance to its social commitment." Frank Hubloue, CIO More 

  • Logo Administrative Affairs Department

    Administrative Affairs Department

    "But more than anything else, I have noticed a rise in the quality of the work products we deliver, as well as a rise in the focus of attention paid to the test cycle. Tests have been made greatly more efficient, which is also pleasing to our customers." Marijke Verhavert, head of section More 

  • Logo National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE)

    National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE)

    "The deployability of the Pass workers who joined us surpassed our initial expectations and is often on a broader level than we had expected." Patrick Vanderbauwede, IT manager More 

  • Logo The Water Group

    The Water Group

    "Passwerk testers managed to get up to speed in double quick time: one of them even discovered an error in the complex billing module while he was still in training." Jan Hammenecker, Business Systems and Communications Manager More 

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    “The employees of Passwerk were quick to find their stride – much quicker than we thought possible” Peter Strickx, Chief Technology Officer More 

  • Logo Itineris


    "Based on our recent experience, we are delighted to report that concrete and standardised duties, such as regression tests, are performed very swiftly, meticulously and incredibly quickly by the Passwerk workers." More 

  • Logo Anubex


    " ... we are even considering calling on the services of a second Passwerk member of staff to enable us to handle the large volume of test and analysis work and meet the tight deadlines." Kris Ceuppens, Business Unit Manager

  • Logo Verizon


    "The results needed are returned at the right times and at the right price. Ultimately, that is the only yardstick that matters." Paul Bussé, Applications Development Manager More 

  • Logo National Association of Christian Mutual Health Insurance Societies

    National Association of Christian Mutual Health Insurance Societies

     "In 2010, we set up a joint scheme and our experience with Passwerk and Dirk in particular has been nothing but positive" Erik van Overloop, IT Assistant-Manager More 

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