Testimonial National Association of Christian Mutual Health Insurance Societies Photo 1: Logo of the National Association of Christian Mutual Health Insurance Societies Photo 2: The Brussels head office of the National Association of Christian Mutual Health Insurance Societies Photo 3: Test Engineer Chu Chi How and Test Engineers Co-ordinator Isabelle Graindorge CM is comprised of the organisation’s central headquarters in Brussels and nineteen regional mutual health insurance societies up and down the country. As a whole, the organisation employs 6,000 members of staff. Although a lot of people will chiefly be familiar with CM as the organisation that reimburses medical bills, CM is more than just an insurance society. CM also offers its members a comprehensive and contemporary range of services and benefits. In addition, it is also a dynamic social movement that numbers some 70,000 volunteer workers. CM’s operations are hinged around values that include solidarity, respect for persons and attentiveness to others, with particular reference to the most vulnerable people in society. Home to 4.5 million members, CM is the country’s largest mutual health insurance society. CM vs. Passwerk Setting out from CM’s social ethos, we thought it would be expedient to work with Passwerk.Our organisation’s mission is particularly clear in this respect: ‘Its operation is hinged around values such as solidarity, respect for persons and attentiveness to others, with particular reference to the most vulnerable people in society’. Passwerk employee Dirk was posted to CM’s ICT department, which numbers some 300 staff. We had been looking for the right test profiles to join our team for some time already. That is how we got in touch with Passwerk and Dirk ended up joining us as a Test Engineer. ‘The first time I heard about the Passwerk scheme, I was immediately taken by what they do. As must be the case for many user organisations, there was some reticence on our part at the outset, but given our own values and the social ethos of our organisation, Passwerk continued to show up on our radar. In 2010, we set up a joint scheme and our experience with Passwerk and Dirk in particular has been nothing but positive,’ explains Erik van Overloop, IT Assistant-Manager. Working with Dirk Our Pass worker Dirk started out with us in early 2010 and is now on his third project. His first project was testing an application in the field of industrial accidents for which he worked closely with one of our Test Engineers, Chu Chi How. Chu Chi How felt that being allowed to work with Dirk lent added value to his job. Dirk has a very pleasant manner and soon adjusted to his environment. A stroke of good luck for our organisation is the fact that Dirk is bilingual (Dutch/French), which means language is not a barrier. Working with a Pass worker requires a clear framework to be in place. Which means an unambiguous and stable environment in which the Pass worker is able to do his or her job. A clear identification of what Dirk’s duties were and how he was supposed to carry them out was required to enable him to work to his full potential. The industrial accident project was well documented and under control, which only benefitted the way Dirk was able to perform. Once we had a duly pegged out framework in place, Dirk was very meticulous, sedulous and detailed in the way he went about his duties. He truly excelled himself. Chi How: ‘He spotted things we failed to notice. He brought a strong focus of attention, with a keen eye for detail.’ The few odd times there was no framework, Dirk had problems carrying out his assignments. Stressful situations and uncertainties are best avoided. As soon as we were wise to this, we were able to attune to his needs. Dirk was also very strict: if something did not work, it did not work and he was unafraid to say so. Or, if he saw room for improvement, he indicated this too. Which is definitely an added value to an organisation such as ours, which, amongst other things, handles the pay-out of benefits to our members. If something goes wrong when an application goes operational, this immediately impacts on a wide number of people. Not all of CM’s IT projects are such that a Pass worker could be involved, if only by dint of the fact that elements such as flexibility, a due technical background and skills in seeking out information are sometimes required from the testers concerned. Set deadlines and potential delays also see our testers facing stressful situations, which is best avoided for Pass workers. Dirk and Chu Chi How would sit down together twice a day. In the morning to go through the things that needed to be handled that day, and in the evening to look at the results together. Follow-up and the odd remedial action were required. To Chu Chi How, coaching Dirk came on top of his regular duties, but he only has positive things to say. He feels that coaching Pass worker Dirk gave added value to his job. Chu Chi How was pleased with the work handled by Dirk. As an organisation, we also welcome our collaboration with Passwerk: provided the right conditions are in place, the contribution made by a Pass worker brings great added value.