Testimonial Federal Public Service for the Economy, SMEs, Small Businesses and Traders and Energy Photo: Frank De Saer, ICT Manager of the Federal Public Service for the Economy, SMEs, Small Businesses and Traders and Energy "‘For one of its priority projects (the calculation of the price index), which the FPS is migrating to a new modern application, we urgently needed someone to write a clear user manual. This is a particularly meticulous and specific kind of job, as it requires the author to sedulously go through all the new screens of the application, one by one, to be translated into a clear and user-friendly user manual. We felt it would be an advantage if this were to be handled by people who were not involved in the project as such and who accordingly were best able to simulate the interpretation of an outside user. At Passwerk, we found staff who have the right skills to handle this assignment. They meticulously and productively went through the application and delivered a manual that is both understandable and usable to our users. This positive experience has prompted us to set up a second project with Passwerk. The new project fits in with the comprehensive restyling of the website of the FPS Economy. One of the duties to be performed as part of this project is the entry and conversion of the different texts into the WebContentManagement (WCM) tool Tridion. The Passwerk colleagues will be getting an appropriate training course about the technical manipulations that need to be performed to be able to enter these texts in the WCM. We are talking about a total of well over 1,500 pages in text! The project is set to run from December 2008 until the end of March 2009. We do not rule out calling on the services and skills of Passwerk again during the course of 2009 to test ICT applications.’