Testimonial Province of Antwerp Photo 1: Marc Wellens, member of the Provincial Executive in charge of ICT Photo 2: Logo of the Province of Antwerp Photo 3: Sindala project manager Ingrid Croket and Sindala test co-ordinator Erik Boelen Photo 4: Antwerp Province house Member of the Antwerp Provincial Executive in charge of ICT, Marc Wellens was convinced of the deployability of people with an ASD as part of the Sindala project from a very early stage. This project was put in place to replace the system that was used for the follow-up of files on the mainframe, including environmental permits, planning permissions, water resource policy and town and country planning for instance, by a new document and process management system. Because of the scope involved, a three-year time frame has been set aside to roll out the project in full. ‘The qualities of people with an ASD are often underrated and they are all too often – unjustly so – made to contend with a huge degree of stigmatisation,’ says Marc Wellens. ‘Which is why I felt it was particularly important to give Passwerk a chance on Sindala. ‘Needless to say, the right value for money and the right match in committing outside parties was our first concern. The first trial period we ran showed that Passwerk was able to bring considerable added value to Sindala, and was the most suitable partner to conduct the functional testing operations. The fact that Passwerk is not only alive to the economic dimension but to the social dimension too, gave the launch of our collaboration an extra added value to my mind,’ Marc Wellens explains. ‘In a practical sense, we are also very happy with the commitment of Pass worker Stijn,’ Sindala project manager Ingrid Croket with the Province of Antwerp. ‘Stijn’s complementarity with our test co-ordinator Erik Boelen brings a stunning final result. Eric sees to it that internal communications with other parties that are involved in the project are smooth-paced, whilst lending the necessary structure and applying priorities to the way in which the tests are handled. This kind of framework really does justice to Stijn’s special qualities. Stijn is capable of absorbing a lot of information in a short space of time, he has a keen eye for every detail and very considerable perseverance to continue performing certain repetitive processes with untiring focus and concentration,’ Ingrid Croket goes on to explain. ‘In the start-up phase, I have to admit working with Stijn was a little wearying,’ Erik Boelen adds. ‘Because of his eye for detail, he was constantly asking a myriad of questions, which in turn caused me to start questioning a lot of things myself. After the induction period, it appeared that Stijn attains an above-average work pace, by virtue of his disciplined work method. The overall bird’s eye perspective, which for me often tends to come first, is supplemented by Stijn’s focus on details and that is one hell of a benefit. But it is important to make sure the Pass worker does not lose himself in the details, as this drags down the level of efficiency of the work.’ ‘Two other things that are distinctive in the way Stijn works are his punctiliousness and accuracy,’ Ingrid Croket adds. ‘I can only advise other organisations not to feel deterred and to work with Passwerk. If the Pass worker is offered the right coaching and has access to the right contact, working with Passwerk in a test project will enable any organisation to notch up considerable added value.’ ‘We can tell Stijn enjoys the work,’ Marc Wellens concludes, ‘and that he knows the application inside out, which means he continues to remain a major asset for Sindala, day after day. To us, this collaboration is a real win-win situation.’