Testimonial The Ideal Home As stated before, the Passwerk activities are no longer solely confined to testing software. Our focus clearly continues to go out to the testing of software, but we are also available for other quality assurance assignments, such as data cleansing, data or text migration, compiling user manuals, data entry and interactive scanning. Below is the testimonial from De Ideale Woning (The Ideal Home) about the digitisation project of the case record files of prospective tenants, which Pass workers were assigned to over a number of months. The project As a social housing organisation, we deal with a large number of candidates looking to rent a social home. In order to apply for a social housing unit, candidate-tenants are required to fill in an application form to be handed in to De Ideale Woning, together with all manner of documents and certificates. In the intervening time too (i.e. the time spent waiting before a social home becomes available), new documents are frequently added (correspondence, composition of household, documents relating to relocation, etc.). Consequently, record files get bigger over the years, which also means they are frequently taken out of the filing cabinet and the binder to be consulted, which is obviously highly time-consuming. When someone is working on any given file, it is unavailable to anyone else. Plus there is also the risk that record files are completely destroyed in case of a disaster. Which is why we decided to digitise our record files, some 7,400 in total. Scanning operations needed to be performed in a duly structured fashion. For starters, all staples needed to be removed and the documents needed to be sorted according to document type. To avoid documents from being scanned under the wrong file number, an interactive check against the name that was linked to the file number was required for every single document. In addition, all scanned record files had to be marked to avoid double scanning during the further course of the operation. Project start As the organisation’s own staff simply did not have the time to handle these extra duties, De Ideale Woning set out in search of a different solution. Through our chairman, Dirk de Kort, we were made aware of the fact that Passwerk has people with autism spectrum disorder available to also handle scanning duties. Further to an extensive presentation by Passwerk’s Dirk Rombaut, we decided to run a trial scheme, involving two part-time Passwerk workers. This was to be followed by an evaluation and we would decide whether or not we would continue working with Passwerk. Before the Pass workers took up their duties, we were extensively informed by the job coaches of the limitations as well as the strengths of their people. Together, we discussed ways for us to adapt the work environment to their needs and requirements as best as possible. Which ultimately turned out to be no trouble at all. The scanner was set up in a small separate office, so the Pass workers could attend to their duties in a quiet and peaceful setting. Assessment As the start of the project coincided with the July and August holiday period, we also took on a number of motivated student workers. It soon emerged that the students struggled to maintain their concentration to keep performing this repetitive monotonous work for an entire day. You will not be surprised to learn that the Pass workers’ level of productivity was nearly double that of the students! They went about their duties with absolute precision and consistency. Something which the job coaches had told us ahead of time. And it turned out to be true. Our own members of staff too, who were scanning the new case record files themselves by now, were simply astonished at the Pass workers’ pace. So, after comparing with a few more potential candidates, it was decided that Passwerk would be allowed to complete the remaining scanning operations. Project accomplished The project is now nearing completion. We are highly satisfied with the work performed by the Passwerk people. Their drive, patience and sense of motivation to handle this kind of work are a credit to them. Quite a few employees would do well to take a leaf out of their book. Passwerk is probably still something of an unknown quantity to a lot of businesses, but I am confident that for certain jobs, they positively bring added value. Geert Van Winkel, IT manager, De Ideale Woning