Extraordinary eye for detail The mission of Fedict (The Federal Government Service for ICT) is to make the government administration for citizens and companies as simple as possible through IT. Our efforts are yielding rewards: Belgium is one of the leaders in e-government. In early 2009 Fedict entrusted Passwerk with a test assignment. Quickly settled “The employees of Passwerk were quick to find their stride – much quicker than we thought possible”, admits Chief Technology Officer Peter Strickx. “This project demonstrates the importance of testing. It also showed that complimentary tests, apart from those performed by our developers themselves, are not an unnecessary luxury. Testing is a specialization in itself. Time and time again the reported test results showed the excellent quality of the test work that had been delivered.” Lasting concentration “The Passwerk workers regularly surprised us with their exceptional eye for detail”, says Project Manager Bert Beyl. “They discovered how capital letters and small letters in the extension of a file sometimes created problems. Their attention didn’t slacken – as was proven by a major bug that appeared at the very end of the testing process . Their lasting concentration was also evident from the constant quality of each test cycle, even though some scenarios came back ad nauseam. Good to know: while waiting for the next assignment, the Passwerk workers often spontaneously carried out additional test work.” Image: logo Fedict.